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We are The Port Dental clinic in Calgary with a team of experienced dentists to take care of your oral health.

Your Go-To Family Dental Care in Calgary

We are committed to providing you with safe, continuous dental treatment. We have taken proactive measures to ensure that patients and staff are treated in a safe and hygienic environment for all dental requirements.

At The Port Dental Clinic in Calgary, our dentists provide a comprehensive range of general and cosmetic dentistry services, including porcelain veneers, dental implants, crowns, bridges, and Orthodontics. Your search for a good dentist in Calgary ends here. We are an experienced team of general dentists with experience in offering a complete oral care in Calgary, AB.

Our emphasis is on maintaining ideal oral health through prevention and education and restoring and rebuilding healthy smiles with optimal function and esthetics. 

You are assured of qualified dentists for your treatment who ride on the years of medical expertise and training. They offer you the most comprehensive and trustworthy emergency dental treatment possible at our dental clinic in Calgary.

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Personalized Dental Treatments

Right from the first visit to Port Dental Clinic in Calgary

Our Dental Clinic in Calgary is based on the philosophy of providing affordable yet powerful dental solutions to you and your family. Our dentists here will try to make any of your treatments least painful in a friendly and welcoming setting.

From the moment you step through our doors at The Port Dental Clinic, we are committed to deliver one of the best dental care experiences in Calgary. We place the utmost priority on hygiene, comfort, and the right diagnosis before starting a treatment.

We think that a confident perspective and healthy living begins with a beautiful smile. And at The Port, your family dentists in Calgary help you lead a healthy life by providing personalized oral care. Your first couple of visits will give us an understanding of your pain areas, and our dentists in Calgary will offer a treatment plan to suit your needs. We can also arrange for longer sittings in advance, if possible (for the treatment), to save you gas for a good weekend drive.

Visit our Calgary dental center, where our dental care specialists prevent oral diseases by employing quality dental treatments for you. We are well-equipped to cater to patients who require immediate dental assistance or emergency care for a quicker resolution.


Why choose The Port Dental Clinic?

Our team of dentists in Calgary are available to help you with regular dental checkups and cleaning, restorative care, cosmetic smile transformation, tooth replacement, and numerous other dental services at your convenience in a hygienic setup.

Experienced Dentist

We have a team of experienced dentists dedicated to each treatment to offer patients specialized care for their oral health requirements.

Friendly & Comfortable

The Port Dental Clinic in Calgary houses a courteous, friendly, and warm staff to make you feel at home when you visit us for dental treatment.

CDA Compliant Dentistry

We have an effective infection control procedure that follows CDA’s policies to ensure implementing “Standard” protocols for patients’ safety.

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