Calgary Dentists – 20 Fun Dental Facts to Make You Smile

Dentists in Calgary - 20 Fun Dental Facts to Make You Smile

Dentistry is often associated with dental drills, fillings, and those dreaded bi-annual visits. But what if we told you there’s a lighter side to everything? That’s right, dentistry is brimming with amusing tidbits that can genuinely make you grin. 

So, if you’re a trivia enthusiast or just someone looking to impress at the next social gathering, stay tuned for fun dental facts that fascinate you!

#1. Toothprints Are Unique

Just as no two individuals have the same fingerprints, everyone has unique toothprints. Dentists can even identify a person based on their dental records, making these fun dental facts more than just amusing – they’re essential for forensic science!

#2. Ancient Toothpaste Ingredients

The Ancient Egyptians are believed to have created one of the first toothpaste formulas. Ingredients? A mix of ground pumice stone and wine vinegar. Talk about some gritty, fun dental facts!

#3. Blue Toothbrushes Trump Reds

When given a choice, more people opt for blue toothbrushes over red ones. While this might seem trivial, it’s one of those fun dental facts that show our unique, albeit odd, human preferences.

#4. Cheese as a Dental Defender

Love Cheese? Here’s some gouda news for you. Cheese can help neutralize acid in the mouth, making it a natural defender against cavities. Add this to your arsenal of fun dental facts to impress at the next cheese-tasting event!

#5. A Lifetime of Saliva

The average person produces enough saliva throughout a lifetime to fill two swimming pools. Imagine that the next time you’re taking a dip! It’s one of those fun dental facts that truly boggle the mind.

#6. Chewing Gum’s Ancient Roots

Chewing gum isn’t as modern as you might think. Ancient civilizations, like the Greeks and Mayans, chewed on gum-like substances. And it wasn’t just for fresh breath; they believed it could ward off evil spirits. Now, that’s a fun dental fact with some historical flair!

#7. Tooth Tattoos

Yes, they exist! Tooth tattoos are an option for those looking to add a unique touch to their pearly whites. These mini art pieces are applied to crowns before being secured to the tooth. If you’re seeking fun dental facts that merge with contemporary culture, this one’s a winner.

#8. Animals’ Fascinating Dental Structures

Did you know a snail’s mouth is no larger than the head of a pin, but it can contain over 25,000 teeth? Or that a crocodile goes through nearly 8,000 teeth in its lifetime? The animal kingdom is replete with fun dental facts that astonish and entertain.

#9. Dental Floss Innovations

Before the invention of dental floss, humans used unconventional items like horse hair and twigs to clean their teeth. Today’s silky threads make for a more comfortable experience, and this transition from primitive to polished gives us more fun dental facts to chew on.

#10. The Fear of Dentistry Has a Name

Dental anxiety is real and has a specific term – “Odontophobia.” While this might not be the most “fun” of the fun dental facts, it’s interesting and sheds light on the widespread nature of dental apprehension.

#11. First Dental Advertisement

Would you believe the first dental advertisement for toothpaste was a leap of marketing genius back in 1780? It was a toothpowder mainly composed of ground charcoal. This offers a fun glimpse into the historical intersection of business and oral health.

#12. George Washington’s Not-so-Wooden Teeth

Contrary to popular myth, America’s first president did not have wooden teeth. George Washington’s dentures were crafted from gold, lead, and even hippopotamus ivory! This fun dental fact helps debunk historical myths while showcasing past dental craftsmanship.

#13. Fairy Economy

In the U.S., the going rate for a child’s lost tooth has skyrocketed over the decades. The Tooth Fairy now leaves an average of around $3 to $4, which paints a delightful picture of childhood rituals intersecting with economic trends.

#14. Enamel Strength

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. It’s even harder than bones! Its primary role is to guard teeth against decay. While this might sound scientific, it’s among the fun dental facts that underscore the resilience and marvel of our bodies.

#15. Prehistoric Dental Drills

Archeologists discovered teeth from the Indus Valley Civilization (around 9,000 years ago) with perfect holes drilled into them, suggesting primitive dental care procedures were practiced. It makes one wonder about the bravery of those early patients!

#16. Chocolate Over Toothpaste?

The compound theobromine, found in chocolate, is more effective in combating tooth decay than fluoride. While this doesn’t mean ditching toothpaste for a chocolate bar, it does offer a sweet perspective on dental health!

#17. Left-handed Brushing

Did you know that if you’re left-handed, you’ll most likely chew food on the left side, and vice versa? This fun dental fact sheds light on the body’s intricate symmetry and natural preferences.

#18. World’s Oldest Toothbrush

Historians believe the first bristle toothbrushes originated in China during the Tang Dynasty (619-907). These brushes were made using boar’s hair bristles and bamboo or bone handles. Imagine sharing such fun dental facts the next time you discuss antique collections!

#19. Braces Aren’t a Modern Invention

Braces might seem like a contemporary solution for aligned teeth, but archeologists found mummified ancients with crude metal bands around their teeth, suggesting an early attempt at orthodontics.

#20. Saliva’s Multifunctionality

Beyond aiding digestion, saliva helps repair tooth enamel by supplying minerals. It also plays a vital role in taste, as we can only taste substances dissolved in saliva. These fun dental facts offer a fresh appreciation for the body’s unsung hero: saliva.


In conclusion, dentistry isn’t just about maintaining oral health; it’s a world teeming with curious facts, historical snippets, and engaging anecdotes. 

From the ancients’ dental practices to the quirks of the animal kingdom, these fun dental facts weave a tapestry that’s rich, diverse, and undeniably fascinating. So the next time you think of dentistry, remember it’s not just about teeth, but tales too!

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