Dental Bridges in Calgary

Treat your damaged or missing teeth with a customized dental bridge to mitigate the risk of growing plaque and bacteria in the hollow area.

What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are fixed restorations that include prosthetic teeth replacement of missing teeth. They are also known as tooth bridges made up of three or more units used to fill in the space left by a missing tooth. 

Dental bridges include dental crowns (also called abutments) secured to adjacent teeth and artificial teeth (referred to as pontic) that replace missing teeth. 

Our dentists in Calgary offer teeth replacement with bridges that anchor the teeth in the mount. It minimizes the possibility of teeth shifting following tooth loss. Dental bridges are a routine procedure at The Port Dental clinic in Calgary, where experienced and successful dentists are at your services to offer fixed bridge teeth treatment.

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Think you Need a Dental Bridge Treatment in Calgary?

Dental bridges help replace teeth lost due to infection, trauma, or decay. While a single lost tooth may not appear to be significant, it can result in further damage to your surrounding teeth and face in general. Replacing your central teeth with the front teeth bridge can help restore your smile, ability to chew and speak properly and prevent the remaining teeth from shifting out of their natural position. 


Getting a dental bridge treatment in Calgary is a good option for patients who miss one or more teeth. Patients who receive fixed dental bridges have healthy gum tissue and bone levels in the tooth loss area. 

Benefits of teeth replacement include:

What are the Types of Dental Bridges Available at The Port Dental Clinic?

Fixed Teeth as dental bridges are classified into four distinct categories:

Traditional dental bridges

These fixed dental bridges are composed of one or more false teeth (pontics) supported by dental crowns (abutments). Adjacent natural teeth serve as anchors for abutments. Bridges can be used to replace teeth located in any area of the mouth. The number of replacement teeth varies; the most extensive case requires a six-unit dental bridge.

Maryland bridges

These are the dental bridges that do not require crowns on the adjacent teeth and remain a conservative option for fixed teeth. In this case, the pontic is secured to the adjacent teeth using a metal or porcelain framework. Maryland bridges are conservative, durable due to the composite resin used and the ability of the composite resin to adhere to 

natural teeth. These bridges are very feasible and could be a long-term solution as a dental bridge for front teeth. They can be used to replace anterior teeth, although they have been used to help in a few cases in posterior locations.

Cantilever bridges 

These are the same as conventional bridges in that they have only one supporting anchor. tThey are an ideal solution for patients looking for a dental bridge in Calgary. Our dentists ensure using one natural tooth for use as an abutment, which is the case with the final molar.

An implant-supported bridge

It is advantageous if you have multiple missing teeth. Dental implants are surgically placed, and the bridge is composed of a pontic that spans the gap created by the implanted teeth. These implants have an extremely high level of security. 

These dental bridges are beneficial when multiple teeth in a row or throughout the mouth are missing. Each missing tooth will be replaced with an implant, and the bridge will be attached to those implants. 

How We Ensure Providing Dental Bridges Treatment in Calgary?

At The Port Dental clinic, the dental bridge procedure requires multiple dental office visits. 

Post Treatment Care

Maintaining healthy gums and surrounding teeth is the best way to ensure that your dental bridge lasts longer. 

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