Dental Clinic Calgary – How to Overcome Dental Anxiety and Fear?

Dental Clinic Calgary - How to Overcome Dental Anxiety and Fear?

Perhaps you wouldn’t describe going to the dentist as “fun.” Having someone’s hands and noisy instruments in your mouth is frequently uncomfortable. Suctioning and drilling are rarely pleasurable activities. 

The hefty protective bib protects you from radiation during x-rays, the icy water spray, chapped lips, the sharp hook used to remove tartar from your teeth, and more, not to mention those embarrassing efforts to respond to your dentist’s queries when they have their hands in your mouth.

Nonetheless, most of us put up with our yearly dentist appointments because they are often pleasant. Most of the time, the personnel are kind and have our best interests in mind. We rarely feel pain, and when we do, anesthetics are used to lessen it. And putting up with a little discomfort is worth knowing that routine dentist appointments are crucial to preserving health.

Dental fear 

Many people have “dental fear,” as it is termed. Dental anxiety or dental phobia are the two possible manifestations of dental dread. Those who suffer from dental anxiety typically dread the dentist but schedule appointments. Dental anxiety patients may have difficulties sleeping the night before their visit, feel more anxious as the appointment approaches, cry or feel sick to their stomach at the mere prospect of their appointment, or have trouble breathing during the examination.

Things that will help you overcome dental fear and anxiety 

Find the right dentist 

Consult your friends and family for advice, especially those who may have faced and overcome their anxieties in the past. Read evaluations on their work. You may even narrow your search to dentist offices with a strong grasp of how to handle dental anxiety. Finding a humorous dentist is relatively easy.

Be honest about your fears 

Most dentists hope you will get the treatment you require. You are first brought inside the office. Mention your nervousness while making the appointment, and ask the dentist if you may meet with them only to speak. This will provide insight into how your dentist will handle your demands. 

Choose a dentist in Calgary who will listen to you without judgment and is interested in helping you overcome your phobia of getting your teeth cleaned. It is not suitable to say, “There’s nothing to be scared of,” as this will worsen the situation and make you avoid dentists even more.

Use tools to relax yourself 

Spend some time on your own  before your dental visit. Meditation, and deep-regulated breathing can be beneficial for you. If you have severe anxiety, you might want to phone your dentist and find out what sedative options could be best for you to further calm. 

To assist in keeping your anxiety to a minimum, dentists could utilize nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and sedative drugs. During your session, the dentist  may review these options and develop a specialized regimen to suit your requirements. For the treatment of anxiety, these drugs are incredibly secure and efficient.

Distract yourself 

Patients might occasionally become anxious when they hear drills and suction tubes. Put on earplugs or headphones with noise-canceling capabilities to diminish or eliminate these ominous sounds. On-demand movies and TV shows are frequently available at dentist offices for patients to see on portable or ceiling-mounted TVs. 

Instead, you may bring earplugs and your smartphone or iPod to listen to music. These diversions can aid in taking your attention away from what is happening around you and prevent the environment from becoming clinical and sterile.

Go early for the check-up 

You can become agitated if you rush to make it on time to your appointment. Avoid overly stressing about the experience. Plan to come extra early to allow yourself time to take things slowly. Arrive early enough to spend a few additional minutes in the lobby, chatting with the employees at the front desk, asking questions, or just unwinding if it would help.

Focus on your dentist

Regardless of the dentist’s skill, experience, or attitude, there are occasions when the chemistry could be there. Listen to your inner instinct. You need a good connection to overcome your fear of the dentist. Go on if anything seems wrong or if the dentist (or another staff member) appears hurried or reluctant to take the time to understand your concerns. Nowadays, many dental clinics go to considerable lengths to accommodate individuals afraid of going to the dentist. 

Many, for instance, do away with visual signals that can arouse dread by providing dentist chairs that don’t appear clinical or taking off their lab coats. Choose the dentist who is best for you by taking your time.


The most effective advice for overcoming dental phobia is this. While you may anticipate those who struggle with dental anxiety to take extra precautions to safeguard their teeth to avoid seeing the dentist, this isn’t always the case. Your next dentist appointment won’t be as dreadful if you brush thoroughly, eat healthily, and floss daily.

In conclusion, the dentists at The Port Dental Clinic in Calgary have demonstrated a strong commitment to helping patients overcome dental anxiety and fear. The dentists here are dedicated to implementing pain management techniques to ensures that patients receive optimal care with minimal discomfort. 

By fostering trust and understanding, the dental professionals at The Port Dental Clinic not only provide excellent dental care but also empower their patients to overcome their anxiety and fear, ultimately improving their overall oral health and well-being.

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