Everything you need to know about veneers for getting that perfect smile

Everything you need to know about veneers for getting that perfect smile

Have you studied the amazing benefits of cosmetic dental work such as dental veneers? Veneers appear to be the new fad among millennials trying to improve their smile instantly.

Instead of wearing braces for months or even a year, this dental aesthetic surgery allows dental patients to have straight teeth considerably sooner. 

Dental veneers also assist patients in concealing damaged teeth while improving their smile without the necessity for teeth whitening cosmetic dental work.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Dental veneers were first used in the early 1980s and are now considered the most viable treatment option in restorative, cosmetic dentistry. Veneers help restore and reconstruct your smile in a non-invasive manner while keeping the tooth structure’s integrity. A dental veneer is a shell-like material that covers the front surface of the tooth and changes appearance along with the shape of your teeth. 

A dental veneer is one of the many cosmetic dentistry services that provide a smile for a lifetime. This long-term remedy to several tooth problems will reduce your self-consciousness about your teeth and give you confidence about your smile. Instead of feeling self-conscious every time you smile, you can start to feel happy to show off your dazzling whites.

At The Port Dental Clinic, we try to offer our patients a confident smile with porcelain veneers in Calgary. Whether you’re looking for aesthetic or general dentistry, the Port dental clinic is the place to go. We’ll provide you with exactly what you’d expect from a dentist who wants to give you the ideal service possible.

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What is the Type of Veneers?

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are probably the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of veneers. They are the most common veneer and have also been around the longest. These veneers are well-known for being extremely natural-looking, extremely durable, and capable of lasting 10 to 15 years or more.

Porcelain veneers are entirely tailored in their design and can help you obtain a well-balanced and even smile, even if your natural teeth are a little crooked. They are, however, a permanent decision. Some of your natural tooth enamel must be removed during the application process to place the veneer shell. This means you’ll have to keep wearing porcelain veneers. However, you can get a replacement set if your present one gets damaged or you decide you want a different look.

Veneers made of composite materials

Composite veneers are an advancement over dental bonding, which is the technique of shaping composite resin over the surface of teeth. Composite veneers are constructed of the same material as porcelain veneers but are applied as thin shells. Composite veneers also necessitate tooth preparation before installation.

Composite veneers are often recommended when a client wants the look of porcelain veneers at a reduced cost. Composite veneers are less expensive than porcelain veneers and have the added benefit of being repairable. However, this comes at the sacrifice of durability and longevity. 

Why do you need veneers?

Veneers will help your teeth in a variety of ways. It improves smiles, fills the minor gap, acts as a restoration for chipped or cracked teeth, and provides easy cleaning and lifetime smile makeover. We strive to provide comprehensive dentistry for you and your family, providing veneers.

Let’s see how veneers can do wonders to your smile. 

An ideal solution for discoloured teeth

The thin, hard, translucent layer that covers your teeth (enamel) can become worn, dulled, and discoloured with time. Natural wear and discoloration may occur or result from genetic susceptibility. However, it is frequently caused by consuming soft drinks, tea, or coffee, smoking, certain medications, etc. Your morning coffee, wine with a meal that includes red pasta sauce – there are numerous foods and beverages you consume daily that might cause discolouration.

To cure such discolouration, you might have tried homemade whitening remedies or store-bought whitening strips. While they can make a minor impact on the colour of your teeth, your best bet is to consult with your dentist for veneers. Veneers are a permanent, faster, more effective and long-term solution for discoloured teeth. It covers discoloured enamel and gives a perfect smile. By treating discolouration with veneers, one can improve the smile.

Fill the Gaps

Veneers can help you by filling gaps in your smile. Gaps in a smile are some of the most typical ways for someone to feel self-conscious about flashing their dazzling whites. It’s understandable, which is why veneers can be so beneficial. Veneers will give you a more even smile by filling up gaps between teeth. Furthermore, filling in the gaps will provide the illusion of straighter and more beautiful teeth. A veneer will replicate the surface of a tooth, which is how it can help to fix gaps in your teeth. However, veneers have some limitations. Veneers cannot fill big gaps or missing teeth. Veneers are like a shell. It can cover teeth and cover small gaps between teeth, but it cannot fill big gaps. 

Enhance your chipped or cracked teeth

Your teeth are formed of incredibly tough tissue and can usually withstand the stresses of daily eating. However, if you chew on too hard foods, unintentionally knock your glass into your mouth, or take a small tumble, you could have a chipped or broken tooth.

Chipped teeth are not only ugly, but they also put you at risk for future dental harm. 

Untreated chipped or cracked teeth can expose the nerves in your teeth, causing sensitivity and nerve damage at worst. Here is where dental bonding comes into play. Veneers can cover and protect chipped or cracked teeth from further damage and make them new. No one can tell you have veneers because it looks so natural that only a dentist can tell you it’s veneers.

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Cures misalignment

Veneers can help with misaligned teeth in the same way with damaged, chipped, or discoloured teeth. While orthodontic treatment may be beneficial for spacing concerns, veneers that focus on misalignment may be the best option for you. If you have misalignment or gaps in your teeth, talking to a dentist about veneers is ideal. Veneers can help with minor gaps and little malalignment. But, if you have overlapped teeth, veneers can not be done.

Changing the form of the teeth

Along with colour, shape and size are equally significant. The form of the teeth can only be changed by dental veneer. Veneer allows you to choose your preferred shape. If you believe they are too short, the teeth can be lengthened. As a result, you’ll have the required appearance.

All of your smile issues are resolved

When some people smile, they have a range of anxieties. Perhaps one of your teeth is misaligned, and another is stained. Maybe you don’t want to smile anymore because it brings up so many problems. We understand why veneers can be a great approach to address all of those smiling issues without breaking the bank. Veneers may be the most effective solution to address all of your smile concerns simultaneously. A veneer will resemble the front of your tooth and bond to it to recreate a flawless tooth. It will also modify the visible areas of your teeth to improve the appearance of your smile.

Remember that each veneer is unique–personalise your look with size and colour.

Veneer teeth, like all teeth, are unique in that no two are the same. That being stated, work closely with your dentist to design dental veneers that are a good fit for your face frame and mouth size to mimic a genuine grin. Suppose you have any concerns about your current appearance or specific dental qualities you’d like to improve with cosmetic dental work. In that case, it’s a good idea to discuss them before making impressions.

Another reason people seek dental cosmetic procedures is to improve the appearance of their smiles. Many consumers would desire “white teeth” for their dental veneers but fail to realise that white comes in various colours. Teeth as white as whiteout can appear unrealistic since most teeth, even if white, have a natural grey, yellow, or shadowing hue. 

After obtaining your veneer teeth and wearing them for a few days, return for a dental checkup and advise your doctor about their comfort to see if any revisions are required.


Someone who wants to invest in the best smile possible with porcelain veneers may be concerned about the cost, which is decided by the number of veneers required to obtain the desired results. 

The best results are obtained from a cosmetic dentist who is knowledgeable, trained, and highly proficient in creating veneers that integrate perfectly with the rest of the patient’s teeth. Veneers, when used correctly, provide a patient with a brighter, straighter smile that can last for decades with proper care.

The Port Dental Clinic is one of the trusted names in Calgary that offers a full range of dental services. No matter what dental procedure you require, our team of dental practitioners can meet your needs in-house. We can deliver you the personalised dental practice that will bring you an inch closer to your perfect smile with our cutting-edge techniques and cutting-edge technologies.

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