How Can Seniors Citizens Take Care of Their Dental Health?

How Can Seniors Citizens Take Care of Their Dental Health? Tips from The Port Dental Calgary

The elderly population has special challenges when it comes to dental care. The ageing process, a lack of dental insurance, and a decline in self-care all contribute to poor oral health in the elderly, which can lead to a variety of complications.

Age-related alterations in the main salivary glands include atrophy of acinar tissue, proliferation of ductal components, and some degeneration. These changes often develop in a linear fashion as people become older. Age-related degeneration affects not only major salivary glands but also minor salivary glands. Therefore, the acinar composition of salivary tissue naturally and uniformly decreases with age.

However, issues can develop when individuals have poor oral hygiene or when they have reduced saliva production, as is common in the elderly. Infections elsewhere in the body may be caused or exacerbated by bacteria that has settled in the mouth.

If you have senior citizens in your house, it is best to do the following —

  • Encourage your loved one to use fluoride toothpaste twice a day. The use of a gentle electric toothbrush might simplify dental care.
  • Help your forgetful parents or grandparents by setting alarms and reminders for them. It is crucial to keep the mouth and teeth clean while caring for someone who is unable to do so themselves.
  • Please remind your parents that they need to floss on a regular basis. Plaque and gum disease may be avoided by everyday flossing. If a loved one of yours is struggling to floss, consult with a dentist about possible alternatives.
  • Dentures need regular cleaning. Always put in a reminder that your partial or full dentures need to be cleaned every day and taken out of the mouth at night.
  • Inform the dentist of any and all medical history, including the use of any drugs. In cases when dry mouth is an issue, dental care professionals may have solutions to provide.
  • In order to reduce the risk of tooth decay and other health issues, you should encourage your loved ones to adopt a nutritious diet low in sugar.
  • Getting your grandparent to quit smoking is something you should push for. While it’s not easy, quitting smoking may help you avoid a host of health concerns. The doctor may be able to provide drugs or suggest behavioural modifications to help your loved one stop.

There are many treatements for senior dental health that ensure oral hygiene and includes the following—

Denture Cleaning

Like real teeth, dentures need to be cleaned every day. Dentures, on the other hand, can’t be cleaned in the same way as real teeth. It’s very harsh and can do more harm than good. Choose a product designed for cleaning dentures instead. The bacteria that builds up during the day cannot be removed by soaking them in water overnight.

To keep the gums healthy, dentures should be removed every day. Internal oral tissue requires a daily denture-free period of at least four hours in order to heal properly. It makes the most sense to do this at night, when you can also clean your dentures.

Teeth Cleaning

The lifelong practice of regular tooth brushing and flossing will pay dividends in your golden years. To prevent cavities, gum disease, and the spread of harmful bacteria, brushing your teeth twice a day is a must. You shouldn’t let up on your regular cleaning habits just because you’ve never had a cavity before.

Cavities and gum disease are more common in the elderly, therefore it’s important to take extra care to prevent them every day. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice a day is the minimum recommendation from most dentists. You should also make it part of your daily practice to clean in between your teeth with dental floss or another product made for that purpose.

Frequent Visits to Dentists

To get dental care today is much easier than it was in the past. Even if you didn’t spend a lot of time at the dentist when you were younger, you should start doing so if you’re a senior citizen. If you want to make sure that any signs of gum disease or tooth decay are caught early and treated successfully, it’s important to schedule a dental checkup once a year.

Your dentist should be viewed as a member of your primary care team. Tell your doctor about any new health problems or medications you’ve started taking since your last visit. Advice on how to better care for your teeth and gums is something he can help you with. What happens in your mouth can have far-reaching effects, so be sure to update your dentist on any changes to your diet, lifestyle, or health since your last visit.

Altering Diet and Lifestyle

The state of your dental health may be affected by whatever you ingest. You can help your teeth and gums stay healthy by eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Your mouth benefits from the action of chewing.

The mouth is not a good place to chew tobacco or smoke cigarettes. You may have used tobacco products for many years without seeing any negative effects, but as you enter your senior years, the danger to your health grows. If you want to enhance your dental health, talk to your dentist about smoking cessation aids.

Even seniors need fluoride in their diets. Water cleanses pollutants and hydrates. Fluoridated water promotes dental hygiene and healthy teeth, according to research.

As we age, dental health is just as vital as other systems. Good dental hygiene prevents decay and illness and treats any issues before they spread to other regions of the body. Care for the mouth since it’s the body’s entrance.


There was once a time when only the wealthy could afford dental care. As a result, insurance would not pay for it since it was just aesthetic rather than medically necessary. The aesthetics of one’s teeth were a major concern for many patients, and it was generally accepted that people in their senior years would lose their teeth.

We now know that taking care of one’s teeth is crucial to maintaining a healthy body. Even more so than having a nice smile, maintaining healthy gums and other oral tissue is essential. The state of your health may be drastically altered by the choices you make every day in the mouth.
A good dental health is an indicator of overall health, so it’s important to adapt your regular oral hygiene routine to the conditions common to senior citizens. Ideally, a senior dental care in Calgary can help you prioritise dental health as you age. Taking care of teeth while growing older should be a top priority and getting if you want to enjoy your golden years in good health.

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