Invisalign Braces: Advantages And Disadvantages

Invisalign Braces

Metal braces give everyone a hard time. Children feel shy to laugh at school, adults speak less among their social circle, and teenagers avoid their gatherings. However, with Invisalign braces, every such issue goes away.

An invisalign dental brace is a perfect option that one can go for if he or she does not want to get metal braces. It is basically a hard plastic that is used to straighten teeth. Since the invisalign braces are transparent, people rarely notice them.

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Advantages Of Invisalign Braces

Some more reasons to opt for invisalign braces are discussed below.


There is no metal involved with invisalign braces. They are entirely transparent, making them a more attractive option. You can smile your heart out and the other person will not even notice that you have got your braces.

Age is not a criterion when it comes to invisalign braces. Anybody can get them. They are mostly preferred by teens and adults but pre-teens or late-adults can also get them as a part of their orthodontist treatment.

You retain your confidence as well. You don’t feel self-conscious as there is no shiny element placed in your mouth.


Invisalign braces are comfortable in the sense that you can easily wear them. They do not include any wires or brackets. Invisalign functions as a normal mouth guard. This is in sharp contrast to metal braces.

Metal braces cannot be removed easily. They are not as comfortable as invisalign braces. Additionally, invisalign braces lack sharp edges in their framework. This prevents you from hurting your mouth or tongue.

A person of every age can wear them without having to go through a training session. One or two minutes of demonstration may be required but that would be it.


As easy it is to wear invisalign braces, it is easier to remove them. Again, you would not have to go through a rigorous round of training except for a small demonstration. Invisalign braces are required to be removed only when you are eating.

You may also have to remove them to brush or floss your teeth. This helps to lower the risk of suffering from a gum disease. It is not mandatory to remove them while eating. You will be at the liberty to make that call.

Unlike metal braces, food particles don’t get stuck while you are wearing invisalign braces. This further helps you to practice better oral hygiene.


It is fairly obvious by now why invisalign braces are convenient. You can easily take them off and wear them when needed. You don’t have to be bothered about how they look inside your mouth.

They are also convenient because they are available almost everywhere. You don’t have to rush from one clinic to another in search of invisalign braces. It is preferred by many orthodontists for the invisalign treatment in Calgary.

The feeling that you don’t have to deal with metal braces is a relief in itself as well. You can simply take a deep breath and relax.


Invisalign braces require the lowest possible maintenance. Apart from frequent visits to the orthodontist, you will rarely have to do anything from your side. They are easy to maintain, which also means that they are easy to clean.

You will only need a toothbrush that is dipped in bleach and water. Both the elements must be in a small amount. Once dipped, take it out to scrub the surface of invisalign braces. This will help you to eliminate strains on the braces.

Maintaining invisalign braces is easier also because they have to be cleaned only once every other day. You can clean them more often depending on how dirty they have become.

Disadvantages Of Invisalign Braces

The process of having invisalign braces is not all fairy tale like it seems to be. There are certain drawbacks to it, which have been discussed below.


Attachment here refers to enamel ridges that are stuck to your teeth. Invisalign braces are invisible but attachment can highlight them a little bit. They are normally used to click into the aligners so that they fit properly.

It can feel like you are wearing metal braces. Such a moment occurs only when someone points it out. You can be confident about it and let it go. People who know the reason behind getting invisalign braces will normally not make a big deal about it.

Invisalign braces are transparent but can become visible due to the attachment. A piece of advice, ignore all of it and continue with your life as usual.


They are expensive and one has to incur a lot of cost to get invisalign braces. They can range somewhere between $3,500 and $8,000. If you have a tight budget then you may want to reconsider your decision.

It is all about efficiently straightening teeth. Plus, withdrawing funds from your savings can leave a dent in your account. In the most fortunate case scenario, you may talk to your family dentist in Calgary to get a better idea about its market price.

A fund dedicated to sending your kids to college must remain intact. Reconsider alternatives that are available as invisalign braces are not the only options.


Invisalign braces are very convenient except for the time when they are first placed in your mouth. It can be a bit painful during the initial days. Orthodontists refer to this phase as pressure.

Teeth take time to adjust themselves to a new set of aligners. You would feel some pain till the time your teeth don’t settle. You can take a pain reliever if the same has been prescribed to you by the orthodontist.

You can reach out to the orthodontist if pain does not wear off. It may require a minor re-work in some cases.


Orthodontists may require you to wear invisalign braces for at least 22 hours. This means that you can only take them off while eating and brushing your teeth.

It can sometimes feel like an accessory. If you go out on a dinner date, then you will have to take it off. There is nothing to feel shy about but at one point it becomes something that you have to take care of.

Invisalign braces get difficult to handle when you are at a party. You have to talk and communicate with your social circle constantly.


The process of dental invisalign in Calgary is smooth. Things after the process can become cumbersome.

You cannot have them in place every time. It gets inconvenient every time you have to remove them and wear them again. For three meals a day, snacks excluded, you will at least have to repeat the process three times.

Professionals may ask you to brush your teeth after every meal. Invisalign braces become more cumbersome in such cases.

Final Words

Don’t over-stress about getting invisalign braces. Book appointment to consult an orthodontist in Calgary. He or she will fill you in with more details.

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