Porcelain Veneers in Calgary

What are Porcelain Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are extremely thin, tooth-coloured shells fitted over the teeth to cover flaws and enhance their appearance. Dental veneers are an extremely thin layer of porcelain bonded to the tooth’s front surface to give it a more natural appearance.

Additionally, a porcelain dental veneer provides the tooth with the strength that natural tooth enamel provides. Unlike crowns, veneers adhere directly to the tooth surface, eliminating the need to remove and destroy the enamel. Veneers are a long-term dental treatment option.

Veneers are considered cosmetic dental treatments since they are primarily used for cosmetic purposes. They are sometimes referred to as “smile makeovers ” People looking for dental veneers in Calgary should visit The Port Dental.

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What is the Procedure for Porcelain Veneers?

When your teeth are stained or discoloured and cannot be bleached at that time, veneers work wonderfully. When a tooth is worn down or chipped, an ideal treatment option is to get the porcelain tooth as a veneer. Apart from treating the tooth discoloration, people prefer veneers in Calgary to treat irregular tooth alignment or spacing and minor tooth chips or cracks. 

These are the reasons why you should opt for porcelain tooth veneers: 

What are the types of Dental Veneers Available at our Calgary Clinic?

Porcelain veneers 

The Porcelain dental veneers are tooth-coloured, versatile, and completely customizable ceramic dental veneers. They are extremely strong and long-lasting. They closely resemble natural teeth and are resistant to staining.

Composite resin veneers 

These are veneer teeth that offer a lesser expensive alternative to porcelain veneers but are functionally equivalent. This veneer has the same material as tooth-coloured fillings. Direct composite veneers are significantly faster to fabricate than dental laboratory veneers because they are created on the teeth instead of a dental laboratory; this can be done in a single visit.

What does the Port Dental Clinic Offer for a Dental Veneers Treatment in Calgary?

Treatment like dental veneers can take between two and three visits to the dentist’s office, depending on the condition of your teeth and the type of veneer.

Post Treatment Risk/Care involved with Dental Veneers

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