Common Questions About Braces Answered – A Kid’s Perspective

Common Questions About Braces

If you are going for orthodontic treatment in Calgary, chances are you are on a ride to get braces. The field is wide but today we will be focusing on answering some questions only about braces.

This article has been curated from a kid’s perspective, which means that the questions discussed in the article are those that kids ask the most.

Getting braces is a part of growing up. Not everyone is prescribed to get them but those who are prescribed by the dentist in Calgary to get braces should not worry about them. Braces are only to straighten teeth, improve oral hygiene, and boost the morale of a person.

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The entire orthodontic treatment cost incurred for braces is worth every penny.

Answering Some Common Questions About Braces

Let us now have a look at some of the common questions that kids often ask about braces. We will blend a few questions from a general perspective as well to get a broader idea. This includes orthodontic treatment cost, procedure, and alternatives of braces.

How many types of braces are there?

Braces are of four types. The first one is Metal braces. It is also known as the traditional option. Metal Braces have been in the field for a long time. They are economical in terms of cost. Metal braces are known for their efficiency and effectiveness.

The other three types of braces are Ceramic braces, Lingual braces, and Invisalign braces. Ceramic braces are concerned with esthetics. They are colored like a natural tooth and so are their wires & rubber bands.

Lingual braces do not appear to the person who is talking to you. Since they are glued to the inside of the teeth, they are not visible from the outside, making them the best option in the category. Invisalign braces are made up of plastic. They are also used to straighten your teeth. Even though they are on the front side, they remain invisible due to transparency.

What is the cost of braces?

The total orthodontic treatment cost for braces comes to around $5,000. It normally includes the cost of 3-D scans, photos, and X-ray. Costing for braces in Calgary does not carry any hidden charge.

A major portion of the orthodontic treatment cost is covered by the health plan you have purchased from the provider. Terms of the health plan may vary based on the status – individual or corporate.

The actual cost of braces may vary based on the type of braces you choose or the type of braces you are recommended by the dentist in Calgary.

Are braces done in one sitting?

The number of sittings for braces differs from one Orthodontist to another. Ideally, it is done in two different settings. In the first sitting, the Orthodontist will examine the condition and click photos or take an X-ray for diagnosis. He or she will then share the orthodontic treatment cost for getting braces.

You would be introduced to the options of braces in this sitting. After you finalize everything, you will be rescheduled for the second appointment. During that appointment, braces would be wired-in to straighten your teeth.

The total duration of the process is 1.5 hours on average. There are hardly any needles or drills involved.

Does the process of getting braces hurt?

The process of getting braces does not hurt at all. Anyone who says otherwise has not been to the Orthodontist during the recent days. The dental field has evolved a lot to come up with a simpler and pain-free process at a lower orthodontic treatment cost.

You would feel less discomfort due to the low force of wires. It does feel a little painful during the initial days but then the system settles.

Gone are the days when braces were painful and one would feel ashamed of having them.

When should kids get braces?

There is no fixed age or time for kids to get braces; however, it is recommended to consider getting the procedure done during 11-13 years of age. The orthodontic treatment cost rarely differs based on one’s age. It is mainly the fact that kids get all the permanent teeth at that age.

That helps Orthodontists to use the natural growth of jaws in the process of straightening teeth. It is also the best time to correct potential problems like biting and alignment.

Getting braces at such an early age helps to prevent the extraction of tooth or jaw surgery in the future.

Is there any alternative to braces?

Alternatives are available within the category as there is no alternative to the procedure of getting braces. You can get any type of braces you want, subject to the condition in which an Orthodontist prescribes you a specific type of braces.

Your orthodontic treatment cost will vary based on the type of braces you opt for or the type of braces that are prescribed to you. Metal braces are still the favorites even though Invisalign braces are better.

Ultimately, a professional dentist in Calgary is a better judge of which type of braces you should get.

What are retainers?

Braces are not permanent. They are removed after some time. Once removed, you are given a set of retainers to keep your teeth in position. They offer support and ensure that your teeth do not move. The orthodontic treatment cost can go up if you ignore the importance of retainers.

They are basically custom-made plastic appliances that must be worn full-time. The normal period is six months; however, the dentist lets you know when it is the right time to take off retainers.

You would be offered one retainer at the basic orthodontic treatment cost. You can purchase more retainers at extra cost.

Final Words

We hope that we were able to answer all the common questions related to braces. Leave your questions, if not answered here, and we will assist you with the information.

Do book an appointment before visiting a dental clinic in Calgary. Confirming your spot is the best way to save some time.

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