Root Canal Treatment (RCT) in Calgary

Root Canal Treatment is necessary to treat inflamed or infected central nerve part of the teeth (soft tissues).

What is a root canal treatment?

Root Canal Treatment is recommended when decay reaches the innermost layer of the tooth, known as pulp. This pulp carries all pain and sensation nerves. Thus, when decay occurs, bacteria colonize the root area of the tooth’s pulp and result in toothache or sensitivity to hot /cold. 

In root canal treatment, this infected pulp is removed and cleaned. After that, the pulp area is filled with a biodegradable material. Visit The Port Dental Clinic for a Root Canal treatment in Calgary as our dentists ensure retaining the position of the teeth with minimum pain in the process.

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When and why you should get Root Canal done?

You may wonder, “when do I need a root canal treatment?”

Well, not many people truly understand what a root canal treatment is, how it is performed, and why it is performed? 

When patients experience shooting pain in a particular tooth while chewing food or having cold /hot beverages, they will need to visit the dentist for a checkup. Some may have experienced pain that may worsen on changing head position or chewing hard food, which sometimes leads to headaches. All these are indications of root canal treatment (if the tooth is savable).

What are the common reasons for the need for root canal treatment?
What happens when you visit our Dental Clinic for Root Canal Treatment in Calgary?

At The Port Dental Clinic, we first take an x-ray and confirm what treatment can be done. Then a whole treatment plan is provided, and if it’s an emergency, then infected tooth root canal treatment is performed.

How our dentists at The Port Dental in Calgary can help you with root canal treatment?

Once the pulp of your tooth becomes inflamed or infected, it is not only painful but can also result in tooth loss if left untreated. Root canal therapy enables you to retain your natural smile and continue living a full life. If you are seeking root canal treatment, our dentist will:

Our priority for root canal treatment in Calgary is to help save your teeth whenever possible and recommend RCT if our dental specialists believe it is the best course of action. You have nothing to fear because of our years of experience, and you’ll be surprised at how simple and painless the process is.

Post-treatment care

For a few days after RCT, pain and discomfort are to be expected. As our bodies heal, the area around the tooth may feel sore and tender, which is why mild to moderate pain is common for a few days following RCT. Following the completion of the RCT, the below steps should be taken:

However, if the RCT pain is severe or there is swelling, immediately consult our dentists at The Port Dental in Calgary.

If you or any of your family members are having any trouble regarding teeth, consult at the port dental clinic and take expert advice, excellent treatment and post-treatment care with our experienced doctors.