Tooth extraction in Calgary

Dentists and oral surgeons perform tooth extractions which is a recommended procedure when there is no other way to resolve dental problems.

What is tooth extraction?

Get the tooth extraction in Calgary, a dental procedure carried out by our dentists where a tooth is extracted from its dental alveolus (socket) in the alveolar bone. In simple terms, it entails completely removing a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. Tooth extraction may be necessary for teeth that cannot be restored with fillings or a root canal procedure. Our dental professionals are equipped to remove problematic teeth that contribute to crowding, disease, or shifting.

Extraction cases vary from simple to complicated. Simple extraction includes removing a visible mobile tooth or involves infected wisdom tooth extraction, while complex or surgical extraction means removing impacted, grossly decayed or partially impacted teeth. Wisdom tooth removal, many times, falls under the complex surgical category.

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What is the procedure for Tooth Extraction?

While it is expected that permanent teeth will last a lifetime, this is not always the case. They may need to be removed for various reasons for a patient to enjoy optimal oral health. 

A severe case of periodontal disease may result in tooth loosening and intense pain that can only be relieved with surgical tooth extraction. Also, untreated decay leads to tooth fracture, which needs immediate removal by visiting our tooth extraction clinic in Calgary. Dentists may recommend tooth removal due to the risk of infection when a patient’s immune system has been compromised, most commonly due to chemotherapy, organ transplantation, or other aggressive treatments. Apart from these, to align teeth, some extra teeth have to be removed. 

Apart from the common ones discussed here, there are a variety of other reasons for tooth extraction. Several examples include the following:

How is tooth extraction performed at the port dental clinic in Calgary?

Visit The Port Dental clinic for tooth extraction and the first step for the tooth removal process is a consultation with a dental professional. Our dentist for a tooth extraction will review your dental and medical history, and based on that, further decisions will be made.

Certain medical conditions and medications can alter the suitability of dental extraction or lengthen the preparation phase.

Post tooth extraction care

Post extraction care is mandatory for healing. Our qualified dentist will provide you instructions such as:

Lastly, do not worry at all about your wisdom tooth extraction or impacted tooth extraction. We have a team of experienced dentists for tooth extraction treatments at The Port Dental Clinic in Calgary.