What are the key things to consider before getting permanent dentures?

Dentures in Calgary

Dentures that are permanently affixed to the jaw are called permanent dentures. For missing teeth, these dentures are an alternative to detachable dentures. In contrast to regular dentures, permanent dentures are secured in place using dental implants. 

A denture can restore function and appearance for patients who have lost all of their teeth. Tooth loss caused by decay, infection, or trauma can have serious long-term consequences if not addressed. 

Getting a permanent denture in Calgary is the best option for your oral health because it is created to fit your mouth perfectly and is anchored firmly in place with high-quality materials. With today’s advancements in dental technology, a permanent denture can mimic the appearance and feel of real teeth. Implants provide stability for permanent dentures. They make it effortless for the patient to chew, speak, and smile than removable dentures do. 

If you have any decayed teeth in your mouth which need to be extracted, a dentist pulls your teeth and then waits for healing. You may opt to wear instant or temporary dentures in the meantime. Once your tissues heal, the dentist fabricates or makes your custom permanent dentures. 

Permanent Dentures Procedure

It usually needs three to six months to have complete dentures that are permanent. The following are the processes involved in the fabrication of a set of dentures, which requires a few dental visits. 

First of all, consultation is needed to get a permanent denture. Thus, visit a dental clinic in Calgary. After consultation, the doctor may advise some x-rays to check the quality and quantity of bone. Once your family dentist approves your implant case, the following steps will be taken. 

Extraction: Any decayed or mobile teeth will be removed, and the implant will be placed according to bone height and strength. After that, depending on bone growth, patients will give certain months to stabilise implants. However, till then, temporary dentures will be provided. 

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Once the implant is stabilised, the following procedure will be performed:

o   Impressions: When you see the dentists, they will take multiple imprints of your jaw and measure the amount of space in your mouth.

o   Models: Your dentist prepares a wax or plastic mould in the exact shape of the denture so that you may try it and alter the colour, shape, and fit before the existing dentures are manufactured.

o   Cast: Once the finished dentures have been cast, they can be modified as needed. 

It is the quickest method to see whether any areas require adjusting after receiving your permanent dentures; your doctor may suggest that you wear them 24 hours per day, including while sleeping. Poorly fitted dentures can irritate the gums. Therefore, it’s critical to get them checked out as soon as possible. 

Getting a denture is something you should take seriously; you should consider getting a dentist whose job is high-quality, as a new denture could change your whole look. Thus, to get the best denture, visit a family dentist in Calgary at The Port dental clinic. 

Benefits of Permanent Dentures

Since 700BC, removable dentures have been in use. Even if the materials have evolved, dentures made of dentures are still an old-fashioned design. 

For those who don’t want to remove their dentures in the future, denture implants are an excellent option. Implant dentures have numerous advantages over regular dentures. 

No More Oral Pain

Some patients suffer from pain and ulcers while using traditional dentures due to incorrect fit or uneven pressure. Permanent denture implants alleviate the discomfort associated with ill-fitting dentures. 

No Harmful Ingredients

Second, permanent dentures eliminate the need for oral adhesives. Zinc is frequently an element in the gel or pastes that patients use to secure their fake teeth in place. The FDA advises that using denture glue (particularly if you also take a zinc supplement) may result in excess of the mineral in your body. Excess zinc in the hands and feet can cause nerve damage. 

Better Facial Support

Dentures that you insert and remove from your mouth result in facial structure loss. As a result, wrinkles, a witch’s chin, and marionette lines develop. Permanent dentures eliminate the sagging skin associated with conventional dentures and provide continual support for your lips and cheeks.  

Permanent dentures will also maintain the quantity and quality of bones. Only implant-supported prosthetics stimulate bone growth in the mouth. New bone grows around each implant inserted into the jaw, anchoring it, and strengthening the jaws simultaneously. This also slows down bone loss due to ageing, osteoporosis, or even tooth extractions, leading to natural bone loss. 

In addition to making your dentures more stable, the increased bone amount also reduces bone loss’s other ageing process on your face! 

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Hassle-Free Eating Experience

Implant dentures provide you with the ability to eat comfortably. Permanent teeth allow you to eat anything you want, whenever you want. Stop rushing to the store to acquire dentures.

You don’t have to worry about your dentures falling out of your mouth when you eat crunchy foods. Having permanent teeth allows you to enjoy all of your favourite meals without worrying about them falling out. Last but not least, a permanent denture is a good long-term solution for 

FAQs on Permanent Dentures

Q. What type of denture is right for you?

The answer is simple: it all comes down to how many teeth you still have. With only a few teeth remaining, you may be better off taking them away and having a denture put in their place. Partial dentures are preferable if you have less than half of your natural teeth remaining. With dental implants, you won’t have to worry about getting rid of any teeth.

Q. How long do permanent dentures last?

Permanent dentures are more robust and may last a lifetime than dentures. Your dentist will need to perform regular examinations of your dentures. If your dentures require adjusting, your dentist will let you know during your regular dental checks. 

Q. How do you maintain your dentures?

Regular dentures may be cleaned in a matter of minutes. They should be taken out at night and cleaned in water with a mild cleaning solution. It’s important to clean your dentures the same way you wash your natural teeth since they can’t be removed. 

In the beginning, you may not feel a toothbrush brushing between your teeth and gums, which can be a little awkward. 

Q. How much do dentures cost?

The cost of your denture depends on the kind of denture and the materials used to build it. Partial dentures are less expensive than full dentures since they need less material. The best long-term options are hybrid implant dentures. Porcelain implants are used in conjunction with dentures, and the cost may quickly mount. 

Q. Are dentures comfortable?

Because your natural teeth are connected to your brain through a nerve, the first time you put dentures in your mouth will seem strange. After a few days, you should no longer notice that you are wearing dentures because you will get used to them. 


Permanent dentures act just like natural teeth and, therefore, no need to worry about consequences. You won’t worry about what things you consume, chewing will feel natural and effortless, and the teeth don’t alter the flavour of your meal. Your permanent dentures should provide you a lifetime of service with proper dental care, exactly like genuine teeth. 

No one enjoys being without teeth and wearing dentures that are removed for cleaning isn’t always an attractive option. Fortunately, permanent dentures may restore your gorgeous smile while also allowing you to eat, talk, and smile with the same self-assurance you once had. To discover whether permanent dentures are right for you, we hope you’ve found this blog post informative.

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