What Are The Reasons To Consider Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry in Calgary

Sometimes, it is difficult to keep calm when you are visiting the dental clinic for a procedure. A dentist’s chair makes it rather more difficult to remain calm during the procedure. While it makes sense for a patient to lose his or her nerve due to the lack of knowledge, dentists end up suffering the most as it causes a delay in the procedure.

Patients suffer too because every minute that is lost is a minute lost treating dental hygiene.

One solution to this problem is sedation dentistry in Calgary, something that is now becoming more common in the dental field. Dentists maintain moderate levels while sedating their patients. This is to keep them awake enough to answer basic questions that are important during the procedure.

The level of sedation maintained by a professional dentist in Calgary does not let patients feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Sedation dentistry in Calgary, however, may not be recommended to everyone. It is often recommended to those who have higher levels of dental anxiety, difficulty in controlling movements, or have more sensitive gag reflexes.

Reasons To Consider Sedation Dentistry In Calgary

An overview is that sedation dentistry in Calgary serves benefits to both dentists and patients. However, the reasons to consider sedation dentistry in Calgary go into more depth.

Painless Experience

Pain is scary and the imagining that something can cause is probably scarier than the actual pain. Nothing can be done for the imagination but sedation dentistry in Calgary does help the patient during the procedure.

It completely eliminates the painful sensation and allows the patient to be at rest. Patients have reported that they feel much more comfortable after they have been sedated by the dentist. Some have even been reported to have been dozing off during the procedure.

Sedation dentistry is of higher importance during procedures like root canals and fillings. Normal procedures do not require sedation dentistry unless the patient has extremely sensitive gag reflexes.

Saves Time

People tend to get nervous when their dental procedures begin. This takes away a lot of time, especially for the dentist who has got many more appointments lined up ahead of the current patient. It is better to opt for sedation dentistry in Calgary under such circumstances. Also, patients may be causing a jam for other emergency cases.

Time is equally important for the patient who unknowingly delays his or her dental treatment. It has been found on various occasions that a small delay can lead to serious injuries, badly affecting the dental health of the patient.

Movements of a patient that delay the procedure or disturb the dentist are well taken care of by sedation dentistry in Calgary. Patients remain calm and comfortable throughout their respective dental procedures.

Fewer Appointments

Dentists have to assign appointments on other days to those patients who have lower endurance to larger dental procedures. With sedation dentistry in Calgary, the endurance can be increased and dentists can wrap up the treatment in a single sitting unless the patient is on an important schedule.

Patients don’t feel exhausted. They remain comfortable during the entire dental procedure. Sedation dentistry is known to work faster for treatments that are complicated.

Treatments are also often broken down into different sessions to calm the patient. Initial appointments are to make sure that the patient gets comfortable with the treatment. With sedation dentistry in Calgary in place, dentists can perform the treatment as quickly as possible.

Better Response

Patients respond better to dental treatment under sedation. Provided the dentist maintains a moderate level of sedation, patients remain awake to answer questions like how are they feeling? or simply to nod and convey that they are comfortable.

Since patients remain comfortable, they do not hesitate to continue their dental procedure for a longer time. This gives the dentist a few more hours to spend on the patient and conclude the treatment with utmost satisfaction.

A relaxed patient allows the dentist to remain relaxed as well. This delivers better treatment.

Types Of Sedation Dentistry In Calgary

There are four types of sedation dentistry in Calgary and the prescription of each depends on the patient on a case-by-case basis.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation ranges from minimal to moderate levels. Patients are prescribed to intake a pill hours before their dental procedure. This type of sedation dentistry in Calgary makes the patient drowsy and he or she often requires someone to drive them to the dental clinic.

Oral sedation at a moderate level makes the patient fall asleep; however, he or she can be awakened with a gentle push. Oral sedation at a minimal level only makes them drowsy but they stay awake throughout the procedure.

Inhaled Sedation

In case of an inhaled sedation, the patient is prescribed to breathe Nitrous Oxide combined with Oxygen through a medical mask. Patients with this type of sedation dentistry in Calgary immediately feel relaxed. They can be treated for the procedure almost instantly.

The control to increase or decrease the level of dosage is retained by the dentist. The effect of inhaled sedation quickly wears off but the patient often does not remain in a condition to drive back home after the procedure.

Deep Sedation

Deep sedation is prescribed by the dentist only on special occasions. Also known as general sedation, it works well to keep the patient totally unconscious. They may remain somewhat unconscious, depending on how their body responds to Deep sedation.

Patients who are prescribed Deep sedation cannot be awakened easily until the effects wear off. The effects of Deep sedation under sedation dentistry in Calgary can also be reversed through medications. These must only be prescribed by a professional dentist in Calgary.

IV Moderate

This works similarly to Inhaled sedation. The only difference is that the patient is sedated through his or her veins. Dentists retain the control to constantly adjust the level of sedation. IV Moderate works quickly as compared to others. It, therefore, serves as a better option for sedation dentistry in Calgary.

Dentists adjust the level of sedation based on the heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level of the patient. A family dentist is more well-versed with these factors and they must be preferred by the patient. This is one of the benefits of having a family dentist. Others also do a good job as they continuously monitor these elements during the procedure.

Process Of Sedation Dentistry In Calgary

The entire process of sedation dentistry in Calgary can be split into three stages. The first stage is Before, followed by During and After.

Before The Procedure

Dentists schedule a general appointment with the patient before initiating sedation dentistry in Calgary. The aim is to examine the patient and their health. The health factors include studying the patient’s sugar and blood pressure level.

Patients must be open about their health, especially about their allergic reaction to anything. Intake of special supplements must also be disclosed to the dentist. Generally, patients are prescribed to not eat or drink anything 6 hours before the sedation dentistry in Calgary. The list includes exceptions based on a patient’s health.

During The Procedure

As a part of the dental procedure, the dentist gives sedation to the patient. The level is constantly monitored and adjusted based on how well the sedation dentistry in Calgary is going at the moment.

Under special circumstances, dentists may inject patients with local anesthesia to numb their teeth or gums. This is done only one time during the procedure.

After The Procedure

Once the dentist has concluded sedation dentistry in Calgary, he or she waits for the effects to wear off. Patients may be given medications in case their bodies respond too heavily to the sedations.

It is recommended that someone must assist the patient in driving back home. Cabs are often not a good option. The person who accompanies the patient undertakes the responsibility to ensure that the patient is well-rested after he or she has reached home. Since this cannot be done by a cab driver, it must be someone from the social circle.

Other Important Points Related To Sedation Dentistry In Calgary

In the case of Nitrous Oxide, the recovery time ranges from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Other types of sedatives take around 24 hours to wear off. The overall recovery time of the patient depends on how their body receives the sedative.

There may be certain restrictions on the patient to eat or drink after sedation dentistry in Calgary. The patient would be given a list of items that they can consume for some time. This is because of the numbness due to local anesthesia. If the list is not provided, then it is better to start with liquid before moving on to something solid.

Some of the common risks or complications that arise as a result of sedation dentistry in Calgary include headache, vomiting, drowsiness, dry mouth, and lingering. Kids are more likely to suffer from irritation and headache.

Final Words

Pregnant women may not receive sedation dentistry in Calgary at least till their second trimester. They are not recommended to undergo sedation dentistry in Calgary as it may affect the development of their fetus.

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