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Custom dentures that appear, feel, and operate much like natural teeth will increase your comfort and happiness when you smile.

What is denture?

Dentures are removable prosthesis that replace missing teeth and tissue. They are the artificial teeth that allow the human mouth to function properly. A bridge denture is framed to maintain all the qualities of the tooth and help to chew the food. Soft and hard tissues support the prosthesis. Today, the denture is made with high-quality resin materials, ensuring that the individual has a comfortable new prosthesis that restores the individual’s functionality and aesthetics.

Types of dentures?

Prosthesis comes in two types – full denture implants and partial denture implants.

Upon losing all teeth, complete dentures are recommended, while partial dentures in Calgary are used when only a few natural teeth are missing. They are custom designed for a set of teeth and gum lines.

Visit our denture clinic in Calgary to get complete dentures recommended by the dentists and worn over the upper teeth and roof of the mouth and on the lower teeth in a horseshoe shape. They are conventional prostheses and are removed for cleaning during the night.

The partial prosthesis are permanent dentures consisting of replaced missing teeth attached to artificial gum, connected by a metal frame to help maintain the prosthesis.

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Why would you need dentures in Calgary?

Whether you miss all your teeth or some of the teeth, getting the denture implant is a very economical option for replacement. We, at The Port Dental clinic, Calgary, offer complete and partial teething solutions for missing teeth.

Replacing missing teeth is the primary purpose of any restoration treatment or appliance. Apart from restoring your smile, bridge dentures can help prevent various problems that can occur due to missing teeth or a set of teeth. A missing tooth that is not replaced on time can also impact your physical appearance which triggers the need for one tooth denture. 

This will happen once the gums, jawbone, and facial muscles’ original structure is harmed. Following, chances of TM joint issues can occur. Thus, a denture is one of the economical options to replace missing teeth by keeping the smile happy and healthy.

How our Denture Clinic in Calgary provides Dental Denture Treatment?

When you consult us for dental denture in Calgary, we examine the issue and overall dental health to determine whether the denture treatment is for you. 

Depending on your situation, the type of denture- partial or complete will be decided. The dentist may recommend extracting or reshaping a tooth or teeth to make room for the dental denture. Additionally, the bone may need to be built up before receiving your denture. 

After preparing your mouth for the applying dent, our dentist will take an impression of your gums and remaining teeth to send them to a dental laboratory to fabricate the denture. Among other factors, the type of permanent dental dentures you select will influence how long it takes to receive your custom-made denture.

Once the denture comes back from the lab, the dentist will make a few adjustments to give the ideal fit for your custom-made  denture. The dentist will demonstrate how to insert and care for your denture properly.

Additionally, our dentist will inform you of any necessary follow-up appointments to check and adjust your dentures.

How to make dentures comfortable?

Adjusting with denture at an old age is very difficult, but our experienced denture dentists in Calgary will provide you with the practical tips to make it easy.

You may need to wear your dentures for several weeks to acclimate to them. 

Here are some tips to help you adjust to dentures more quickly:

How to make dentures comfortable?

You will need to look after your partial dentures for a variety of reasons. Proper care of your dentures will also extend their life.