Senior Dental Care in Calgary

Minimize the risk of diseases as our dentists help you age in a healthy manner with personalized dental care for senior patients.

What is senior dental care?

Senior dental care involves giving special dental attention to all our geriatric patients because dental care for seniors is essential for healthy aging. While most individuals are aware of the significance of frequent medical checkups as they become older, many are unaware that senior dental care is equally crucial. 

 Senior Dental Care places a significant emphasis on prevention or lowering the risk of mouth infection while also improving overall health and quality of life. Preventative dental care is effective if necessary as seniors’ dental care programs help Early detection of disease. This enables it to reverse or manage dental issues in a less invasive manner.

Why is dental care for seniors necessary?

You are more likely to develop oral health problems as you get older, such as tooth loss, dry mouth, tooth decay, and gum disease. This is a huge cause for concern because your oral health impacts your overall health. Oral health is linked to overall health, including heart health, diabetes, and life quality. 

A proactive approach to senior citizen dental care can help avoid heart attacks, strokes, infections, and aspiration pneumonia. With age, due to various medical issues or increased drugs, dental care for seniors vary. Seniors encounter a range of specific problems, so choose a dentist who understands these needs and works with you to offer dental care solutions. 

Our dentists for the elderly at The Port Dental clinic are committed to making senior dental care simple and cheap for our geriatric patients, ensuring that their oral health is at its optimum.

Issues that your mouth may experience as you age

Seniors suffer from multiple dental issues, from the cavity to tooth loss.  

Periodontal disease

A gum disease that affects your teeth and gums. Numerous studies have connected it to diabetes, heart disease, and pneumonia, among other chronic illnesses. Patients with chronic gum disease are nearly twice as likely as healthy gums to have heart disease which speaks volumes of why dental care for seniors is a must.

Clots in the Blood

When you have chronic gum disease, your mouth becomes infested with deadly germs that increase blood clots in your body. Furthermore, this raises your chances of having a stroke.

Loss of teeth

Poor oral hygiene might lead to tooth loss as you get older. Missing teeth might harm your diet. As a result, maintaining a balanced and healthy diet becomes difficult.

Mouth Dryness

Many regularly recommended drugs for the elderly can cause dry mouth. Cavities and other oral problems may result as a result of this illness.

What will seniors get at The Port Dental clinic?

We offer dental care for seniors with a range of customized treatments driven with utmost care and precision. We have dentists for senior dental in Calgary to treat our old patients very gently to reduce fear of pain and discomfort.

We provide a wide range of senior dental care services, from checkups to denture fittings, including:

Treatment & Examination 

We urge our elderly patients to come in for frequent checks to provide them with high-quality dental care. Gum disease, cavities, loose fillings, fractured teeth, and infections are checked throughout your checkup. We also keep a lookout for indicators of other issues that could impact your overall health.

Service for dentures

We make complete dentures, implant-supported dentures, single dentures, and partial dentures of the highest quality. We also provide relines, repairs, and adjustments as a part of extended dental plans for senior citizens.


Cleanings regularly will help you maintain a white, healthy smile. Any tartar that could cause gum disease is scraped away by our dental hygienist. Your teeth will then be polished also.

Dental Guidance

We are here to help our patients in any manner we can. All patients are urged to contact us with any questions or concerns. 

We are delighted to offer suggestions on how to keep your oral health in good shape.

Benefits of getting Senior Citizen Dental Care

There are numerous advantages to maintaining good oral hygiene and receiving superior senior dental treatment. This includes – 

Visit The Port Dental clinic and get excellent senior dental treatment without any fear!