Permanent Retainers? Advantages and Its Disadvantages

Permanent Retainers? Advantages and Its Disadvantages - Dental Clinic Calgary

Permanent retainers are an orthodontic device in dentistry to keep teeth in the proper position after removing braces. Permanent retainers are made of a thin wire bonded to the back of the teeth. The wire is customized to fit the shape of the teeth and is made of thin metal such as stainless steel or thin plastic. The wire is designed to keep the teeth in the correct position.

Dentists typically recommend that patients wear permanent retainers after finishing their braces treatment to help maintain the teeth in their new positions. Permanent retainers are typically recommended for patients with major orthodontic work, such as significant overcrowding or a deep bite.

Patients should wear permanent retainers as soon as their teeth have been fully straightened and their orthodontic treatment is complete. This can be as soon as a few weeks after the braces are removed or in some cases, immediately after the braces are taken off. Permanent retainers are typically worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week and should be removed only for cleaning and eating.

Advantages of permanent retainers

A retainer is an orthodontic appliance that is used to help keep teeth in their new, straightened position after braces are removed. Wearing a retainer can help to maintain straight teeth, reduce the chance of relapse, and provide long-lasting results. Permanent retainers are designed to be worn all the time and are typically made from a thin wire that is custom-fit to the patient’s teeth. 

Long-lasting: One of the major benefits of permanent retainers is that they are designed to last for the long term. Unlike removable retainers, which can be removed when eating or brushing teeth, permanent retainers will stay in place for the duration of treatment. This means you won’t have to worry about losing or forgetting their retainer, and they won’t have to take it out and put it back every day. In addition, permanent retainers are often less noticeable than removable retainers, making them a great option for those who prefer a more discreet look. 

Reduce the chance of relapse: Another advantage of permanent retainers is that they can help reduce relapse. Over time, teeth can naturally move back to their original position due to the pressure of natural forces like gravity, chewing, and grinding. However, when a permanent retainer is in place, it provides a stable barrier that helps to keep teeth in their intended position.

Long-lasting results: Our orthodontists in Calgary often prefer permanent retainers due to their ability to provide long-lasting results. Unlike removable retainers, which need to be replaced periodically, permanent retainers can provide a lifetime of straight teeth. This can help save money and provide peace of mind that the treatment results will remain in place for many years. 

Disadvantages of when wearing permanent retainers

Cost: The most obvious disadvantage of a permanent retainer is the cost. Permanent retainers are typically more expensive than traditional retainers and can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Additionally, you may need to pay for replacement retainers if a retainer becomes damaged or lost. 

Cleaning: Another disadvantage of permanent retainers is that they can be difficult to keep clean and free of plaque buildup. Traditional retainers can be removed and brushed daily, but permanent retainers are fixed to the back of the teeth, making removing plaque and bacteria from beneath them harder. Poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath, so brushing and flossing regularly when wearing a permanent retainer is important. 

Difficult to adjust: Finally, permanent retainers can be difficult to adjust if your teeth start to move out of place. While traditional retainers can be adjusted if needed, permanent retainers must be removed and replaced with a new ones if teeth begin shifting. This can be time-consuming and expensive and may require a visit to the orthodontist.


Permanent retainers can be a great treatment option for people with a history of misalignment or who want to ensure the permanence of their orthodontic treatment. They can last for years and help maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. They are relatively easy to care for and affordable compared to other orthodontic treatments. Ultimately, decide which treatment should be made in consultation with our orthodontist in Calgary.

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