Dental Clinic – Things to Do When You Have an Emergency Dental Situation

Dental Clinic In Calgary - Things to Do In an Emergency Dental Situation

Dental emergencies can occur suddenly or develop gradually from a minor problem to an emergency over time. The majority of dental emergencies do, however, share one thing in common: pain or discomfort. Call your dentists as soon as you can if you suffer discomfort that doesn’t have a reasonable cause, such as a recently chipped tooth or due to an accident. 

After an accident or injury, you should call your dentist, but you should also take some action to help with pain management and prevent future harm if you have a clear emergency. Here, we examine potential dental crises and advise how to handle them. You can find the center for emergency dental in Calgary. 

#1. Swollen face

You may feel facial swelling if you have an infection in your mouth, whether in a tooth, the gums, or the jawbone. Set up a dentist appointment immediately and describe your symptoms, so the dentist can know it’s an emergency if your face seems bloated. Avoid lying down while waiting for your appointment, even at night. Keep yourself upright and hydrate yourself to lower your chance of problems.

#2. Cracked or chipped tooth

Call your dentist to arrange an urgent visit if you damage a tooth. It doesn’t matter if it hurts; you should still see your dentist immediately. Because you can have tooth sensitivity, avoid hot and cold beverages. We will examine your tooth at your consultation to see possible repairs. To fix a crack, it may only take a little cleaning; in more extreme circumstances, a dental crown or root canal may be necessary.

#3. Knocked out tooth

While it is an emergency, it may take time to determine what to do. Try to locate your teeth first. We can save your tooth better if you can reimplant it. Avoid touching the tooth’s root when picking it up. Keep your fingertips close to the tooth itself to prevent further harm to the tissue required to reimplant the tooth. Without contacting the root, gently rinse out any dirt with running water.

Put a towel over the drain to prevent losing your teeth down the sink. To ensure proper positioning, check the tooth on the other side in the mirror. Put your tooth in a jar of cold milk, and come to your dentist’s office with a brief call to cure your pain.

#4. Gum or a tooth abscess

If you notice a sore on your gums, you may have a gum tissue infection called a gingival abscess. A sharp piece of food getting stuck in the gums and becoming infected might result in a gum abscess. An infection or food stuck can result in a tooth abscess, sometimes called a periodontal abscess, which develops between the teeth and gums. 

You should be seen as soon as possible since the abscess needs to be drained. The pain and illness may worsen as you wait longer. If the infection enters your bloodstream, you risk developing systemic issues and experiencing severe pain and swelling in your face. Till we can take care of you, refrain from chewing there.

We may need to take an X-ray and prescribe medications depending on the location and severity of the illness. You could occasionally need an extraction or a root canal. Avoid attempting to “pop” the abscess while waiting for your visit. Continually brush and floss as you normally would.

#5. The injury falls or accident 

Accidental damage to the teeth, jaw, and soft tissues of the mouth, tongue, and inner cheeks can result in minor to severe injuries. Examine your teeth and mouth for signs of damage if your face or mouth has been injured. See our clinic if you have bleeding, broken or damaged teeth, jaw pain, or problems moving your jaw. When experiencing jaw or ear pain, apply ice to the area and take an anti-inflammatory medication, such as Advil.

Tips to prevent a dental emergency 

Use mouthguard

Do you enjoy sports? Demonstrate your passion for the game without jeopardizing your flawless grin. Avoid engaging in rough play that could damage your mouth or face and chip or knock out a tooth before you enter the court or field; put on a mouthguard to guard against dental emergencies. You can book an appointment at a dental clinic in Calgary to tackle dental emergencies. 

Watch over what you eat

Although human teeth are sturdy, you’d be shocked at how easily they may shatter or chip. Some things that can break otherwise strong, straight, and gorgeous teeth include hard confectionery and wild foods. Thinking before you bite is the best approach to prevent this. If you’re tempted to indulge in your sweet taste, think twice. The possibility of chipping a tooth and developing cavities due to too much sugar is not worth the risk.

Don’t chew on it

Several people have oral obsessions, such as the need to chew on pen caps, their nails, and other non-food objects. But did you realize you can chip or crack your teeth due to these unhealthy habits? You can stop these negative habits by keeping your hands occupied and chewing sugarless gum to divert oral fixations. This will also increase saliva production and help to remove bacteria from your mouth.


If you have any emergency dental situation, visit The Port Dental Clinic for a fast, effective treatment. We have a friendly team of dentists who will diagnose your issue and try to offer an almost painful experience. Whether it’s a simple cleaning or a complex procedure, you can be sure that you will receive the best care and attention from The Port Dental Clinic in Calgary.

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