What are the different types of dental crown you should know about?

dental crown

Dental crowns have been in existence since the dental field is in existence. They have always been used by professionals whenever patients have required assistance in correcting their damaged teeth.

They are majorly used to restore a tooth that no longer serves a regular function. Patients can be prescribed another dental treatment based on their condition.

What remains the widely accepted and prescribed treatment is the application of a dental crown.

A Calgary family dentist recommends a dental crown only if his or her teeth have been damaged due to decay or erosion.

Crowns are used to protect the teeth from any further damage after dental surgery. As the name suggests, it is placed on top of the tooth that has been badly affected in the dental area.

The Three Types Of Dental Crown

Understanding three types of dental crowns is crucial. It comes in handy at the time of deciding the kind of dental crown you want a dentist to place in your mouth. Consider this as a supportive document and consult your dentist in Calgary for better results.

Gold Crown

The first type of dental crown is the Gold Crown. It has been in practice for centuries. Gold crowns are gaining popularity at the present as many people like the way they look.

Gold crowns are largely placed at the backside of your dental area. The reason is that it is shiny and reflects a portion of light. While some may be comfortable with this, others may now like their teeth to be flashy.

Patients prefer them for a variety of benefits. This includes the strongest durability. Gold crowns are known to last for a long time. They are less likely to get damaged and rarely wear down over a certain period of time.

Calgary family dentists rarely receive complaints about Gold Crowns getting chipped and cracked. You would still need to take extra care of them after they are placed over your teeth.

Since they look flashy, not everyone may be comfortable getting a Gold Crown. This fact can be ignored if the damaged teeth are located at the backside of your dental area that is not visible to another person.

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Porcelain Crown

Many people expect the Porcelain Crown to be in complete contrast to a Gold Crown. That is true to some extent but both serve equally good benefits. It is all about what kind of look you finally want.

Porcelain Crowns are naturally colored to match with the rest of your teeth. Patients prefer to get them done if their front teeth or neighboring teeth are damaged. The person in front of the patient does not notice that it is rather a dental crown, that is how well it goes with other natural teeth.

It is labeled as a great choice for those who wish to hide that they have undergone dental surgery.

They are placed at the front of the dental area because that portion is less involved in chewing and biting. Both the activities are effectively carried out by the teeth at the backside. Porcelain Crowns are expensive but offer lifelong durability if cared for properly.

Porcelain Crowns are prone to fractures only if they are placed on molars in the backside of the mouth. This is where Gold Crowns are more effective. The final result can differ based on many factors like the kind of food you are chewing and how well you take care of the dental crown.

Porcelain Fused Metal Crown

There are many benefits of Porcelain Crowns and Metal Crowns. When fused together, they serve double the benefits to a patient. Porcelain Fused Metal Crowns also carry some drawbacks but they are overshadowed by their benefits.

Starting with the economic factor, Porcelain Fused Metal Crowns suit every patient’s pocket. They are the most economical options and therefore widely prescribed dental crowns.

The Metal portion of the dental crown is hidden under the Porcelain aspect. Patients get natural-looking dental crowns with the added advantages of a Metal Crown. The fused dental crown is very strong.

Patients may have to visit the dental clinic in Calgary to get their tooth crown fixed. Porcelain Fused Metal Crown requires regular replacement or adjustment.

Porcelain Fused Metal Crowns are known to suffer from fractures more often. They suffer from normal wear and tear. This can be enhanced by taking utmost care of your dental hygiene.

Final Words

A dental crown, or a tooth crown, is important for your oral health. It maintains, restores, and protects your teeth from further getting damaged. Think carefully about the dental crown that you want to have. It is best to leave it to a Calgary family dentist as he or she knows your oral hygiene better than anyone else.

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