What Is Root Canal Recovery Time?

Root canal recovery time

You must have heard a lot about root canal out of all the dental procedures. People may have defined their experiences as painful and/or scary. To break the myth, the root canal is not a painful process anymore.

Many aspects of the procedure, including root canal recovery time, have changed over the years. The dental procedure is less painful and it takes only a few days to recover from root canal treatment.

Anyone who tells you otherwise has surely gotten their root canal procedure done a long time ago.

Root canal treatment in Calgary, or anywhere in the world for that matter, is done to repair the tooth that has been damaged over time and needs to be repaired. It saves you the trouble of losing the natural tooth.

The modern delicate approach to the root canal procedure is equipped with the latest endodontic techniques and anesthetic uses.

One human nature that has remained constant throughout the evolution of dental practice is the fear around the root canal recovery time. We will tackle that issue in this article and review if it is really necessary to ever get the root canal procedure done.

Root canal recovery time

The fuss about root canal recovery time will no longer exist in your mind after this. We’ll put an end to the squabble once and for all. 

It normally takes a day or two to fully recover from the root canal treatment. The time may extend to one week if the severity is higher than normal. Recovery time rarely goes beyond a week. If it does then that is only because it was a high medical concern.

You would not have to go through a lot of unpleasant moments while recovering from the root canal treatment.

Everything comes down to pain that you may experience at a lower degree. A professional dentist in Calgary would normally prescribe pain relievers for that. You would not feel an iota of pain with those medications. Don’t self-medicate assuming that every pain reliever is the same.

Pain relievers vary based on the brand and power. A professional dentist prescribes a pain reliever based on his or her experience and your dental condition.

Certain unusual side effects may become visible after the completion of the root canal treatment. Such unusual side effects are scarce but they hamper root canal recovery time by a margin.

These unusual side effects include:

  • Pain in the tooth that has been treated
  • Swelling around the area of the tooth that has been treated
  • Any other concerning symptom

You can avoid these symptoms or side effects by following the recommendations of the dentist. The two generic recommendations are:

  • No stress while biting a piece of hard food. Either break it into pieces or avoid the firm crust of the food.
  • Don’t chew a piece of gum.

The root canal recovery time would be on track if you follow these generic dental recommendations along with other specific ones as detailed by your dentist.

How the root canal treatment is initiated also affects your recovery from the procedure. The effect of anesthetic stays during the procedure. You would only feel soreness after its effects start to wear off.

A safe step is to contact your dentist immediately. Share what is happening and let them analyze the condition. It may be something to not be bothered about.

Is Root Canal Necessary?

Root Canal is not something unusual. It is categorized as one of the most commonly prescribed dental procedures.

It may not be necessary under every circumstance.

However, you are recommended not to risk everything on that single statement. Get your dental checked by a professional if you feel something unusual in your oral hygiene. Ignore when others talk about the hardships they had to face during root canal recovery time as all of it is merely a fallacy.

You would mainly be prescribed to go through the root canal treatment if tooth decay gets in the inner layers of a tooth.

That is a sensitive area and a little more damage can get you in trouble of losing your natural tooth. The root canal treatment becomes a necessity here as it can only be treated by carefully following the steps of the procedure. Your root canal recovery time is automatically shortened if you reach out to your dentist before the situation gets worse.

The cost of root canal treatment varies but the basic process remains the same while maintaining the root canal recovery time.

The procedure of root canal is normally performed in one sitting. In that one sitting, dentist:

  • Creates a small opening in the crown
  • Cleans the damaged portion
  • Places a temporary crown on the tooth to seal the entry of bacteria

Visit your dentist only if you experience:

  • Persistent discomfort
  • Discomfort while biting a piece of food
  • Sensitivity to a certain temperature

Irrespective of what you experience, your root canal recovery time will remain the same. The root canal recovery time will vary only if the condition is worse.

Stick to your duty of identifying the symptoms and visiting the dentist. Let him or her be the best judge of what kind of dental treatment should be performed.

Final Words

Responsibilities await after you are done with the root canal procedure. To aid the root canal recovery time you can follow the prescribed practices of maintaining good oral hygiene and reducing the consumption of acidic or sugary food/drink.

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