What are the Different Types of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments?

What are the Different Types of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments?

The most common cosmetic dental process is teeth whitening, frequently resulting in patients having substantially whiter smiles. The operation often uses bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide to eliminate stains from deep inside teeth. You can receive teeth whitening treatment at Calgary dental centers. 

Treatments for teeth whitening are effective on the most prevalent forms of stains, such as those brought on by tannins in food and drink, aging, and using tobacco products. A typical whitening session can range from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on some variables, including the particular whitening procedure used and how sensitive the patient’s teeth sensitivity. The typical person’s teeth are eight shades whiter after the appointment.

Who requires teeth whitening?

The majority of us eventually experience some tooth discolouration. If you enjoy coffee, consuming many cups daily can discolor your teeth unattractively. Like chewing tobacco, consuming an excessive amount of citrus-based drinks, or suffering an injury can cause teeth to appear darker, stained, and discolored. There are ways to keep your teeth naturally white, but certain reasons for tooth discolouration are unavoidable. Just as your bones lose mineral density with age, so do your teeth, as they lose some of their enamel.

Such enamel weakening can result in unsightly discoloration of your teeth. Those without dental fillings or gum issues are the best candidates for teeth whitening. Also, those with yellow tooth stains are more likely to benefit from teeth whitening procedures.

What is the process of teeth whitening?

A dentist’s clinic is the best place to whiten teeth because it is a cosmetic dentistry procedure. The operation typically takes one hour to complete. Using handheld equipment and a teeth-whitening gel with a 25–40% hydrogen peroxide concentration, your dentist would perform the procedure three times for three 20-minute sessions. 

Also, some dentists trigger tooth whitening results with laser light. Also, your dental restoration team will utilize a barrier to prevent the whitening gel from touching your gums, inner cheeks, or gums. Also, you can search “dentist near me” on the internet who may provide whitening trays that you can use at home to continue the process for more lasting results.

Types of teeth whitening treatments 

Conventional teeth whitening

When doing normal in-office whitening procedures, a custom mouth tray will frequently be used on you.  The patient’s mouth creates the mouth tray, which fits snugly and keeps the teeth equally coated with the bleaching agent during treatment while shielding their gum tissues from the substance. 

A mouth tray filled with a whitening agent is bitten by the patient, who keeps the tray in their mouth for up to ninety minutes. Many people only need one treatment to bring their teeth to a shade of white they are happy with, while others may require more than one to achieve the ideal shade of white. Here, Calgary dental centers can provide conventional teeth whitening treatment. 

Laser teeth whitening 

In-office laser whitening procedures are also available, but no unique mouth tray is frequently required. The patient’s teeth are painted with whitening paste, and a barrier gel is used to preserve their gums, as opposed to the whitening gel or solution used in traditional whitening procedures. 

The bleaching agent’s molecules are stirred up using a laser to speed the whitening process. Although treatment times can be as few as 30 to 60 minutes, laser tooth whitening is as effective as traditional whitening procedures. Calgary dental centers can provide laser teeth whitening treatment. 

At-home teeth whitening 

At-home teeth whitening procedures could take longer to produce results, even if they are less time-consuming and more effective than professional teeth whitening procedures. Making an appointment with your dentist is necessary for these procedures. Your dentist in Calgary will take impressions of your teeth to create bespoke whitening trays for your teeth.

How long do teeth whitening last?

How long the teeth whitening results last is another query that comes to mind when thinking about teeth whitening procedures. The kind of medicine you use holds the key to the solution. Little abrasives are present in at-home teeth whitening solutions like toothpaste and mouthwash, which only temporarily whiten teeth before they must be repeated.

On the other hand, professional dental procedures that use hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent whiten teeth, work on tooth discoloration, and give the appearance of having whiter teeth. Depending on how closely you adhere to the after-care instructions and maintain good oral hygiene, professional Calgary teeth whitening treatment can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

Tips to follow the post teeth whitening 

Like any other procedure, a teeth-whitening procedure’s success depends on how well you adhere to the after-care guidelines. Here are some recommendations you must abide by to keep your teeth whiter for longer. After at least 48 hours, quit smoking. 

Avoid foods and beverages with caffeine that may discolor your teeth. When your gums are sensitive, refrain from brushing the area where it hurts and call for aid from a professional. 

Every six to twelve months, visit your dentist for hygiene and touch-up procedures. Your lifestyle choices will affect your long-term results. You must abstain from chewing tobacco, smoking, and drinking tea or coffee to keep your teeth free of unsightly stains.

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